Thursday, September 29, 2016


When I first started my new commute I was overwhelmed by the number of people who clogged the streets of Chicago. I've been downtown during rush hour before, but I've never been around the train stations. Holy shit, I think I see maybe 500 people before I get to my office. I started thinking, what are the odds that I'll run into someone I know in these massive crowds?

It's something I've pondered since the last week of July, but I haven't given it much consideration lately because after such a long period of time I've decided that the odds are infinitesimal of running into a friend. There are just too many people in the city. It's next to impossible.


It happened today. It came out of left field. I was zoned out. I do that when I'm walking to the office because I have a lot of story ideas on my mind before I have to walk into the job and check my soul at the door. The same goes for when I leave. I dust off the ol' soul, strap it on and walk for the train station with more story ideas in my work-addled brain.

At first I didn't recognize them. I was too far separated from the world. But then, as I was walking by them, I thought, holy shit. Is that them? I blinked, and sure enough, not only did I run into a friend, I ran into a group of friends. A group of friends I know from the suburbs.

Are the chances more reasonable than I thought? Or did I overcome next to impossible odds?

I think it might be the latter. I don't think it will ever happen again, or it probably won't happen again for a looooooong time. But it was a good feeling. It made the universe seem a lot more manageable than I usually consider it to be.

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