Saturday, March 4, 2017


It all started when I was in my junior year of high school. I was hanging out on the roof of an apartment complex with Rob Tannahill, who went on to become my partner on The Cocaine! Bros. He said that I should grow sideburns. That would make me look cool. I was doubtful, but I listened to him. Sure enough, he was right. I'm a plain lookin' guy, and the sideburns made me a bit more appealing to look at.

But it slowly grew out of control. It got to the point that when my senior year pictures for the yearbook were taken, I looked like Wolverine. Yeah, this is a shitty photo, but it's fucking old, so yeah. Here we go:


I'm probably going to see LOGAN tomorrow. He was not an inspiration for my looks back in high school, no matter how contrary that might seem. Rob was the guy who did it, not Logan. But I really like the way Wolverine is portrayed by Hugh Jackman. I understand why comics fans hate it, but I don't care. I don't like X-Men comics. The movies are the way to go.

PS: My nickname was Elvis. I can see that, but in my opinion, I needed a little less conversation, a little more action, so . . .


  1. Cute. Had to check it out live, hahaha.

    I have a problem with facial hair - I like men with it, but I can't fit it in myself. My skin cries out, it scratches and bothers, I'm kinda lazy about shaving and, you know...

    Same with nails (eeek!! Hahaha), it pisses me off to take 5 minutes to cut them, I always think nails could be like leaves, dry out and fall naturally. But there I go. I must do it, and yeah I feel better later.

    It's not only about hygiene or laziness, maybe it's just about being comfortable (or not) with one's body. I never been a metrosexual, I just don't wanna CARE about it. It's pouring down outside, have bills to pay, the job's waiting AND you must look great! How unfair!!! Hahaha.

    Look, I'm not a caveman, I'm just impatient.

    And about Logan/Wolverine. I understand the character but never liked him. Hugh Jackman did a great job and left in the right time. A hot stud, by the way.

    And X-Men are cool until that TeamBlue/TeamGold shit. When they stopped being "humans" to start playing commandos. Dropped out Marvel then, returned when Emma Frost joined and I left a little later.

  2. If you let the hair grow long enough, the scratchy-ness will go away. But yeah, there's nothing you can do about nails. I loved Logan, and I'm glad that Jackman is done. He said what he had to say and got out.