Saturday, March 2, 2013


That's right, the contract has been signed, so I can finally talk about it.  StrangeHouse Books, who put out ZOMBIE!  ZOMBIE!  BRAIN BANG!, containing my story, "Pack Rat," will be publishing a collection of short stories by me entitled TALES OF QUESTIONABLE TASTE.  There is no release date, and details are still being worked on, but these guys work fast, so I'm sure it'll be out soon.

If you're not familiar with them, check out their site here:

After looking around there, I'm sure you'll see why I'm so eager to work with them.  We share a lot of the same sensibilities, and we're both transgressive as all fuck.  It's like we were meant to work together.  Check out some of the books they've published in the past!  And look at those covers!  I've been told what they want for my own cover, and I believe it's going to be one of the most impressive book covers you'll ever see!

If you still haven't gotten a copy of ZOMBIE!  ZOMBIE!  BRAIN BANG!, you should do so here:  It's one of the best horror anthologies I've ever been a part of, and it will prepare you for the sheer lunacy that will be TALES OF QUESTIONABLE TASTE, a StrangeHouse book.  Here's the list of stories that will be included:

--"Amber" (first appeared in THE MONSTERS NEXT DOOR)
--"Riding the Midnight Gloom" (first appeared in LIQUID IMAGINATION)
--"Virtuoso" (first appeared in AOIFE'S KISS)
--"Suicidal Tendencies" with Nicole Evans (first appeared in THE MONSTERS NEXT DOOR)
--"Family Man" (first appeared in A HACKED-UP HOLIDAY MASSACRE)
--"Pimp of the Living Dead" (first appeared in TABARD INN)
--"Corpusplasty" (first appeared in TALES OF UNSPEAKABLE TASTE)
--"The Space in the Bottom of Martin Oglesby's Desk Drawer" (first appeared in TALES OF THE TALISMAN)
--"Shrink" (first appeared in FROM THE ASYLUM)
--"Timely" (first appeared in HOUSE OF BIZARRO)
--"Baseball Players are a Superstitious Lot" (first appeared in COLLEGE NEWS)
--"Slummin' It" (first appeared in TABARD INN)
--"A Night in the Unlife" (first appeared in NIGHT TO DAWN)
--"Yum" (first appeared in THE NOCTURNAL LYRIC)
--"Outside Her Window, It Waits" (first appeared in LOST INNOCENCE)

In addition to that, there are three stories that will be published here for the first time:  "A Place to Be," "Monster Cock," and "The Skyscraper of Forbidden Delight."

I'll tell you more when I know more, and as soon as I have the cover, you'll be among the first to see it.  Stay tuned . . . .

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