Tuesday, April 15, 2014

IT'S NOT JUST A KEVIN COSTNER MOVIE: A whiskey review of Tincup

The first thing you notice is the odd look of the bottle. It seems taller, but that’s only because it doesn’t have much of a neck. It’s also shaped like a hexagon with a tin cup for a cap. Very intriguing.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Colorado whiskey, made from Rocky Mountain water. At first, that seems like blasphemy. Very few good whiskies are made outside of the American south, but Tincup will change your opinion.

Distiller Jess Graber is a man who loves his booze. You can tell that right away, as soon as you open the bottle. It smells like bourbon, but there’s also a hint of rye in there. It’s 84 proof, which is a little low for the newer generation of whiskey, but that makes for a nice and mellow experience.

This is some seriously smooth booze. It goes down with the ease of water, and it doesn’t even give you an afterburn, much less an aftertaste. And due to its low alcohol content, it won’t completely fuck you up. You’ll get a nice buzz going, and it won’t sneak up on you. It won’t play tricks. It will put you in the perfect enjoyment zone.

So why call it Tincup? And what’s with the tin cup cap? Graber says he “made Tincup in honor of Colorado’s first whiskey drinkers and the cups they drank from.” How awesome is that? The only problem is, the tin cup it comes with sucks. While it looks cool as all hell, it leaks out the bottom. Not too much, but just enough to make you feel guilty for wasting booze.

But that’s kind of like getting pissed off for seeing a Country House cheeseburger on a paper plate, a minor complaint. This is some good shit, folks. You should try it as soon as you can.

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