Monday, April 14, 2014


If you’ve followed my convention reviews, then you know who Mat Festa is. He’s done books like MISERERI NOBIS and PASSAGE, and you can find his work in PRODUCT OF SOCIETY. When you see him, you wouldn’t think such a short, skinny, bearded guy would be capable of the madness and beauty you find in his books, but that is a part of his genius. Here is my question for him.

ME: You’ve got an odd juxtaposition of horrible things and really beautiful things in your work. What must your dreams be like?

MAT FESTA: My dreams are far stranger and horrible than anything I’ve put down on paper. In fact, my first book was largely composed of most of my nightmares. They get very surreal and abstract. What’s interesting is, I’ve noticed that I don’t have recurring nightmares, but I do have recurring places in my dreams, and over the years I’ve started to network and map it out, and I’ve realized that where I’ve been dreaming is one big enormous labyrinthine city. If I found this place in real life, I’d be able to work my way and find my way around in it. That’s my reflection of life itself.

At this point, Angel Onofre, a fellow artist at DanCon, interrupted this interview by posting a sticky note to Mat’s back, a gift from CheeseLord’s Jon Lennon and Leo Perez that said simply, “Kill yourself.”

MF: And I always get interrupted during interviews by terrible people . . . One more thing. Jon Lennon is a pedophile.

His work can be found here. Buy something, will ya’?

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