Saturday, May 30, 2015


I'll be honest. I don't give a fuck about AQUARIUS, if not for David Duchovny. I liked RED SHOE DIARIES when I was a kid and looking for spank material. I loved X-FILES just like most of you did. And of course there was CALIFORNICATION, which I loved the shit out of. But AQUARIUS? I would not have watched it if not for Duchovny's portrayal of the main character.

The show is bad. Sorry. As a lifelong Duchovny fan, I wanted to like it. Every cliche you can think of is thrown into this show. Even the soundtrack is predictable. FUCK!

But the idea for the show? I love it. Pit Mickey Spillane against Charlie Manson? That's fucking perfect. That's what interests me about the show. Everything else sucks. Duchovny does the best job he can do with the shit he's given. Even the guy who plays Manson does his best. But fuck. I want to see Spillane vs. Manson. That's awesome, even if it's not the true story.

I don't want the true story here. I want the bizarro version. Spillane and Manson. To the death. Celebrity Death-match style. I won't get that, but I like that. It's better than what we're getting.

Although I do like the entire series being available on demand. That's pretty cool. I'm rooting for the show, I really am, but so far, I'm not impressed. I want to be. I want to believe. (Sorry. I couldn't help it.) But the cliched garbage keeps getting in the way.

The Manson rape scene is very good. It's highly unusual. But that's it.

I hope this show has more to offer. I want to like it.

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