Thursday, November 29, 2012

COOL SHIT 11-29-12

CROSSED:  BADLANDS #18:  Wow.  Take a minute to admire that cover above.  That is my absolute favorite Crossed artwork right there.  The sheer depravity of something like that shocks even me.  Thank you, Raulo Caceres, for painting something that fucked-up.  This issue also marks the end of David Hine’s story arc about an inexperienced guy who just wants to learn how to write convincingly real characters from a lunatic bestseller.  This is also the first time we get to see the inner thoughts of one of the Crossed.  Yes, part of this is narrated by one of the Crossed.  How crazy is that?  And the very last panel is a grotesque masterpiece.  The quote from Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death” is very apropos for the occasion.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE #33:  This is also the end of a story arc, one of my favorites, second only to the previous one.  It ends on a rather melancholy note, at least for Pearl, but for Skinner Sweet, it’s back to business as usual.  It would seem that he’s now free of the device that keeps him under the sway of the VMS, so who knows what the fuck he’s going to get up to the next time we see him?  The thing that worries me, though, is the title of the next arc:  CODA.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen any announcements about the end of AMERICAN VAMPIRE.  Considering how everything is sucking over at Vertigo right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this title come to an end.  I hope I’m jumping at shadows, though.  Have any of you heard anything about this?

DICKS #10:  Wow, today was a day for endings.  This is the final reprint issue of DICKS, which means we will be getting BRAND NEW DICKS ACTION NEXT!  Also, look at that cover!  While it isn’t the most offensive cover they’ve ever done, it’s a really funny take on SAGA.  Also, you can never go wrong with shit-centric Christmas stories told with a thick Irish accent.  My favorite line comes from the devil himself:  “Aye, all hail me.  Ye do know these two wee hooers’ve made a cunt outta ye, don’t ye?”

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