Thursday, January 8, 2015


Remember when I wrote this piece on my discovery of online pornography? I just thought you might be interested in an update, since I've found a lot more stuff since then. In particular, I've found that I enjoy awkward porn a great deal. I'm not talking about amateur stuff. I mean porn where fucked up, funny things happen.

There was this one video I saw where a guy was having a three-way with two women. However, about halfway through it became very clear that he was only interested in one of them. He focused all of his attention on her, even though the other woman tried to get in there and have some fun. It culminated in one of the funniest things I've seen in pornography. When it came time for the money shot, he stands up, and the women kneel before him. He starts to cum, and he turns all of his orgasm onto the one woman's face while the other tries to get in on the action. He very clearly cuts her out, and finally, she gets the message. She just sort of sits back and watches, bored. I couldn't stop myself from laughing.

Then there are odd moments, like this one video I saw in which a woman was with a guy who had an uncut dick. She told him she wanted his "anti-Semitic cock" inside of her. I think that's probably the last thing I ever expected anyone in porn to say. It's possibly the least sexy thing ever said mid-coitus.

Here's something I really enjoy, though: cam girls who masturbate at the library. I find it incredibly hot. But there's one video in particular that has my full attention. You see, these women usually pick secluded spots, where they're not likely to get caught. Or they actually work there, and they're doing this after hours. There's one crazy woman, however, who picked an incredibly busy part of the library, and she didn't expect to be caught. There was a guy sitting behind her, for fuck's sake! People kept walking by her, and here she is, flashing her tits to her webcam. She even had her pants off and was trying to furtively masturbate when librarians actually came by and caught her. She bent over, trying to hide the fact that she didn't have pants on, but the librarians weren't blind. It was the most awkward ending to a library porn video I've ever seen.

So yeah. Anyone else checking out odd, humorous porn?

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