Sunday, January 29, 2017


I've been taking care of my grandfather for a while. He has not been himself for about a year. He is conscious. He knows who I am and my grandmother and my brother (although he thinks there are two versions of my brother). I love him. He raised me in place of my mom and dad.

He lives in my living room now. In his chair. Watching TV and reading books I lend him.

He thinks there are two versions of my brother. He thinks that there is a flight ban in America. He's right. American citizens are being prevented from coming home because our president is a racist who feeds off of the racist dickheads who voted him into office. My grandfather would not want Muslims in our country, but he currently believes that Americans have been banned from coming home. He's right.

I hate that my country is banning Americans from coming home because of their religious beliefs and the color of their skin. WE ARE AMERICANS. There is a melting pot. But when we refuse our own citizens from coming home? There is no melting pot. If you believe American citizens should not come home because they have a different background, THEN YOU ARE UNAMERICAN. Maybe the dickhead in the White House has forgotten what is on Lady Liberty's pedestal.

I'm off topic. My grandfather believes there is a ban on American transport. He's deathly afraid that I'm going to fly out of country. He wants reassurances that I'm not going to fly out of country.

And I give it to him.

It pains me. I don't want to lie, but it reassures him.

I told him I'm not going anywhere. He was happy. It made me feel awful as I walked away from him.

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