Monday, March 3, 2014


According to the website, “Forced Viewing is an irreverent collaborative blog focusing on horror in film and on television. Reviews of classic and contemporary horror movies are published Monday through Friday; plus reviews of horror on television and in other media; interviews; convention and event coverage; a monthly podcast; and more.” There are quite a few reviewers on the site, including myself, but the core has been and always will be, Jori, Lackey and the Drudgeon. True to form, there is only one question this week, but there are three answers, as you will see below.

ME: Forced Viewing is a great site to go to for irreverent reviews, and it has drawn quite a bit of attention from the indie filmmakers you discuss. It brings little money, but it does bring some recognition. What moves you to make your voices be heard?

LACKEY: I like to think of Forced Viewing as my half-a-million-word-long writing sample for RUE MORGUE. All I need to know is who to send it to . . .

JORI: I was originally dragged into this kicking and screaming by Drudgie. I never even considered that I had something to say. Discovering good movies keeps me going. We all lament the death of horror, but the idea that just because big Hollywood productions aren’t churning out the quality we want is very narrow minded. I keep going because I want to remind everyone (including myself) that there is so much horror left to be enjoyed, you just have to search a bit deeper.

THE DRUDGEON: Mainly it started when I read a few things, like Roger Ebert reviews where he doesn’t seem to give the movie a chance just because it’s horror and when Joss Whedon talked about why he made BUFFY and talked about stuff that (pretty much) never happens in horror. So now I finally have my say and for me it was a way for me to complain about the movies that always seem to get awards and praise movies that are overlooked. I love the indie scene and most of the time there is some great stuff there. But now it’s more about . . . well the same thing, but for me it’s finally come full circle. I loved watching Svengoolie as a kid and now I’m actually trying to do the same thing by going into making videos.

Forced Viewing can be found here. They are open to recommendations as to what to watch and review next. If you have a short horror film you would like them to feature on their Blood on the Net feature, please let them know. And keep an eye out for the Drudgeon Dungeon, a vlog now available on theirYouTube channel.

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