Monday, March 10, 2014


Josh Filer is a sick motherfucker. Anyone who has read his series, GROSS, GRANDPA! can attest, he’s the master of showing you fucked up shit you could have never possibly imagined. I couldn’t think of anything he wouldn’t put down on paper, so here’s my question for him.

ME: You have depicted some of the most awesomely grotesque images ever in your work. Was there ever anything you wanted to do but it just wouldn’t translate to comic books?

JOSH FILER: Yeah, once I wrote this story called “The Andys” that I wanted terribly to make into a comic. It was about these two guys I knew both named Andy and I made them out to be rabid pedophiles. They got all pedo-crazy and a little kid fucking monster grew off one of them and invaded my body turning me into an Andy and forcing me to run my car through an elementary school playground in an attempt to fuck kids. But it hasn’t worked out for me to draw because a lot of the humor was in my choice of words and I never really worked out making the visuals worth a shit.

He also guest-starred on an Everyone’s Got One column I dida while ago about censorship. I’ve also reviewed him several times here (links within the previous link). If you see him at a con, make sure you get his books. You won't be disappointed. (Grossed out? Yep. Offended? Probably. But not disappointed.)

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