Friday, December 5, 2014


Earlier, I talked about the one thing I hated about my life that I had very little influence over, and how I managed to change it exactly how I wanted. Well, it's going to change a lot more of my life than I realized. I learned a couple of days ago that it's such a life-changer, it's going to change my entire way of life, which will lead me to going to bed super early every weeknight.

I don't want to say that this thing--which I can't yet announce because it hasn't been announced by those who have the right, even though it's official--will end GOODNIGHT, FUCKERS, but it will definitely limit GF. At best, I might put out one or two a week. Maybe.

Truth be told, I'm shocked that I've come this far. I thought I'd be tired of it by #50. Sure, there were times that I got bored with it, but not bored enough to end it. There were even times when readership fell so low I thought I'd give GF a mercy killing, but those times were not as often as they felt like in my heart. Hell, last night's readership was incredibly high, higher even than my K.M. Tepe piece. (This is probably because Peter DeLuise, one of the stars of 21 JUMP STREET (and the best director of STARGATE SG-1, in my opinion), commented on Twitter about last night's post, and Sal Jenco, the guy who played Blowfish, favorited it.)

But on December 15, I'm going to need to get out of bed at 4:15 am every day. This means I'll need to be in bed by 10:00 pm at the very latest. I won't have time for GF anymore, except for the weekends (and chances are, I'll be drunk on weekends, too far gone to write anything for GF).

It's been a hell of a lot of fun. This has been some of the most honest writing I've ever done, the closest I could ever come to Gonzo journalism of myself. You can expect one more week of my nightly babbling. I might not get one in tomorrow, but I might for Sunday. I'll definitely get some in for the weekdays next week. Friday and Saturday might be questionable. But Sunday? There's no way in hell.

I'll try to make this week the best. I don't want to go out on a sour note. Is there anything you want me to talk about in these final days? Maybe some questions you might have? Any topics you think I could write the fuck out of? Let me know, and I'll see what I can do. Time is limited, so get your suggestions in now.

GOODNIGHT, FUCKERS is not long for this world. I love all of you who have ever read these pieces. I owe you big, because I bared my soul for 130 previous entries, and no one ever batted an eyelash. I know I have an issue with scatology, but I'm pretty sure you know that I never meant to seriously call you fuckers.

Goodnight, my favorite people in the world.

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