Thursday, September 21, 2017


I remember when I first held a copy of TALES OF QUESTIONABLE TASTE in my hands. It was a marvel to behold. It was my second book. STRIP, my first book, didn't do so well, but TOQT made me very happy. It put me on the map. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be here now without its publication.

I did find it odd, however, that a few things were left out or changed. When I submitted this collection, I didn't know what StrangeHouse would want out of me, so I gathered all of my published stories and a few I really wanted to get out there, and I told them to pick which stories they wanted, which they did.

I always kind of wondered why they changed the name of the final story from "The Skyscraper of Forbidden Delight" to "The Skyscraper of Suspicious Delight." I suspect it was a typo or a misunderstanding, because in the story notes, the title remains "The Skyscraper of Forbidden Delight."

They also left out the copyright page listing where the stories first appeared and my dedication. Here's a little extra material that you haven't seen before.

© 2009 “The Space at the Bottom of Martin Oglesby’s Desk Drawer” (First appeared in TALES OF THE TALISMAN)

© 2008 “Outside Her Window, It Waits” (First appeared in LOST INNOCENCE)

© 2012 “Monster Cock”

© 2008 “Amber” (First appeared in THE MONSTERS NEXT DOOR)

© 2012 “Riding the Midnight Gloom” (First appeared in LIQUID IMAGINATION)

© 2007 “Virtuoso” (First appeared in AOIFE’S KISS)

© 2008 “Suicidal Tendencies” with Nicole Evans (First appeared in THE MONSTERS NEXT DOOR)

© 2011 “Family Man” (First appeared in A HACKED-UP HOLIDAY MASSACRE)

© 2007 “Pimp of the Living Dead” (First appeared in TABARD INN:  TALES OF QUESTIONABLE TASTE)

© 2010 “Corpusplasty” (First appeared in TALES OF UNSPEAKABLE TASTE)

© 2012 “A Place to Be”

© 2008 “Shrink” (First appeared in FROM THE ASYLUM)

© 2010 “Timely” (First appeared in HOUSE OF BIZARRO)

© 2002 “Baseball Players are a Superstitious Lot” (First appeared in COLLEGE NEWS)

© 2004 “Slummin’ It” (First appeared in TABARD INN)

© 2005 “A Night in the Unlife” (First appeared in NIGHT TO DAWN)

© 2004 “Yum” (First appeared in THE NOCTURNAL LYRIC)

© 2012 “The Skyscraper of Forbidden Delight”

This collection is dedicated to all of the editors who have ever taken a chance on me.  I appreciate everything you have done for me, and I hope the publication of this book drives some new customers your way.

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