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[Hey! My plan to sell out writing porn was starting to work out. This one was submitted under the name of Anthony Haversham, but for some reason they decided to rename me as Walter K., Dallas, TX. They changed a lot about this story. It was originally quite humorous, but they drained nearly all of that away. This, you should know, is based on a true story. I am still friends with “Nadine,” and this was the first sexual experience we’d had together. In the end, she made me cum on my own face. Very purposefully, I believe. That was how this story originally ended. The editors took that out. Dammit, sex is funny. That disappointed me. Also, “Nadine” is certainly not a doctor of art history. I think she had a job once for a day or two, but that’s it. I am about as far from working for a big museum as humanly possible. Neither of us are inclined to work toward a PhD. That’s crazy talk. But that’s what the editors went with. Ah well. At least I can say I wrote a letter to Penthouse and got paid for it. Not as much as I was paid for gay porn, but still better than any other payday I’d had as a writer at that point. From Penthouse Variations, April 2003.]

I’d known Nadine for five years, but I never knew how she really felt about me—or how I felt about her. I don’t know how I could have been so blind for so long. We’d met in graduate school, both of us working toward doctorates in art history. Now she works in a small, prestigious gallery while I work for one of the bigger museums, but we’re as close as we were when we were struggling to get our PhDs. Well, maybe now we’re a little closer than that. Let me explain.

On the night I’m writing about, Nadine and I ate a quick dinner and then we went to her house to do some work on a book we’re writing together. We wrote for a while, and by the time we were finished, it was getting pretty late. The buses had stopped running, so I asked if I could stay the night. She didn’t have to work the next day, so she agreed. I’d slept there before on nights writing had gone a little late, always on the living room couch, but this time, when it came time to put out the lights, she invited me into her bed.

This didn’t really surprise me, as I was sure there was nothing sexual about it. We’d shared a bed once before in a hotel room back in grad school, and all we did was cuddle. So I wasn’t thinking about sex as I got into bed beside her, fully clothed.

Suddenly, Nadine shifted and placed my hand on her bare thigh. Then she started moving it up and down her smooth skin, from the bony protrusion of her hip to just below her right breast and then down again until I could feel the string of her French bikini. Then she moved it back up and suddenly my hand was on her breast over her nightshirt. I squeezed gently and she moaned into my ear. My cock stirred as I began to knead her breast.

Nadine pulled her top up then, letting her right breast pop out into my hand. I ran my fingertips around her nipple and then I pinched and gently tugged it. Leaning over, I kissed the bone between her tits before slowly circling out to her nipples. I put my lips around one and bit it gently.

“You can do that harder,” she said, and I complied. She moaned as my hand wandered south, and I found myself caressing her pussy through her panties, which were absolutely drenched. I curved my fingers so I could feel her cunt lips through the soaked cloth. Then she reached down and plucked away the last of her clothing, and I found her smooth-shaved pussy in my palm.

Our lips met at long last, and I felt her tongue dart into my mouth to wrestle with mine. The kiss was so passionate that our chins became slick with our saliva. She pulled me closer until I was positioned between her legs, on my knees, hovering over her body and kneading her breasts. I bent down and kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, her chin, her mouth, and then our tongues were going at it once again. Then I made my way down over her throat, planting kisses as I went.

“Bite me,” she whispered when I reached her tits, and I did, gently. “That’s nice,” she sighed. I sucked her flesh between my teeth and then continued moving downward to the mound of her sex, where I stopped and looked up into her eyes. She nodded her assent, so I kissed her labia. Her fingers reached down to spread her pussy lips apart for me, so I kissed her clitoris and lapped at it playfully with my tongue.

“Put your tongue inside me,” she nearly begged. I extended my tongue as far as it could go and slipped it inside her pussy, along smooth, pink walls. I watched one of Nadine’s hands rubbing at her clit and felt the other one running through my hair. I lapped at her sex until she pulled my head up from her crotch back to her face, where she pressed her lips to mine in a hard, rough kiss. My head rocked with her force, and I pushed back, our tongues fighting one another.

As we kissed, she brought my hand down to her sweet pussy and pressed my finger between her spread labia. I smiled against her kiss and pushed a finger inside her. She drew her breath in sharply, and I felt the walls of her cunt clutching at my finger. I slid it in and out of her until it was slick with her juices. Then Nadine broke away and looked at me with her sparkling green eyes. “Could you ever imagine that we’d be doing this?”

I shook my head and kissed her again. I started moving my finger faster to match her movements and she began breathing harder against my face, and I knew she was close to her climax. Taking my hand from between her legs, Nadine brought it over the curve of her hip and across one buttock, and I realized what she wanted me to do. I took my middle finger and pressed it into her asshole. She squealed, and I pushed in deeper, now to the second knuckle. Her body went rigid against mine, and I could feel her shaking through her orgasm. When she relaxed, I pulled my finger from her ass as she kissed me again. Her hand was now at my groin, feeling my rigid cock through my jeans.

Smiling, Nadine pulled up my shirt and began running her long nails over my flesh. She pinched my nipples, and I groaned. With her hands tweaking and pulling my nipples, she leaned down and pressed her lips to my chest, looking up into my eyes as she did. She extended her tongue and began licking at my nipples. As she worked my flesh, one of her hands stole back to the lump in the front of my pants. I felt myself spasm against her touch.

“I want to see your cock,” she whispered. She worked open my belt buckle and my zipper, and soon my pants were around my ankles and she was moving her closed fist up and down my shaft. She looked into my eyes and never missed a stroke. My back arched as my hips moved to her rhythm. Then her other hand moved down to cup my balls, squeezing them gently. I drew in a harsh breath.

“You like that, don’t you?” she asked, doing it again.

“Oh yes,” I groaned. “Don’t stop.”

Nadine complied, and I watched as her head then descended into my lap. She kissed my glans, making my cock jump in her hand, before running her tongue up and down to my balls. It felt as if she were tickling me with a feather, but instead of laughing, I moaned.

Nadine took one of my balls into her mouth and sucked it, and then she let it go to plunge my cock deep down her throat. I felt her teeth glide over my shaft as her lips went up and down, up and down, from tip to base. My hips moved and my buttocks tightened with her movements. My breathing grew heavier and I could feel myself getting harder in her mouth.

Pulling back, Nadine reached into her nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lotion. She squirted some into her warm hand and then rubbed it onto my cock. “You like?” she asked.

“I like,” I whispered. Nadine’s hand whisked up and down my shaft, greased by the lotion. I could feel a tingling sensation in my balls and knew I was going to come soon. As if she read my mind, Nadine said, “I can feel it getting ready. You’re so hard, Walter. You’re getting bigger.”

“Oh God,” I gasped. “I’m going to come!”

“Good,” she said, and her hand moved faster. Finally, I felt myself convulse, and then drops of semen spattered all over my belly and my chest. As my skin slowly became warm and sticky, I groaned a thank you to Nadine. But, unlike other women, Nadine didn’t stop jerking me off. Pleasure racked my entire body and I felt like folding in on myself. I couldn’t stop moaning and yelping as wave after orgasmic wave matched her stroking hand. It felt like it was never going to end, and I wanted to beg her to stop, but I was afraid that I’d never feel anything that wonderful again.

The orgasm finally came to an end when Nadine released my cock and slid up my body, pressing her lips to mine. Once more, our tongues probed each other’s mouths. We cuddled for hours after that, whispering together. She confided that she’d been wanting us to become physical for the longest time. She’d wanted me, in fact, since the first day we met. I’d known Nadine for five long years, but I’d never even suspected. I’m such a fucking idiot. I could have had five years of this pleasure with her. As I kissed her forehead, I smiled, consoling myself with the knowledge that even though we’d lost all that time, we had a lifetime of happiness ahead of us.

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