Thursday, December 20, 2012

COOL SHIT 12-20-12

DJANGO UNCHAINED #1:  I’m not in the habit of reading comic book adaptations, especially of movies that haven’t even been released yet, but writer Quentin Tarantino promises that it’s based on the script rather than the movie.  As per usual, he wrote too much, and a lot wound up getting axed.  I’m interested to see what didn’t make the grade.  Besides, what I read in this first issue doesn’t seem like a lot, so anyone who reads it probably won’t have anything ruined for them.  It’s probably just the first 20 minutes, tops, and it looks like an excellent homage to Sergio Leone by way of blaxploitation.  (Although it seems to have very little to do with the Franco Nero version of Django.)

BEFORE WATCHMEN:  MOLOCH #2:  This book has been kind of a surprise.  I didn’t know they’d planned on a book going into the life of the most prominent supervillain in the WATCHMEN universe, and it’s actually been pretty fun.  Too bad it’s only two issues long.  We get a good look behind and between the scenes, to understand what Ozymandius did a little bit more.  Wow, he was a ruthless motherfucker, and artist Eduardo Risso does a marvelous job of depicting his coldness.  (Working without Brian Azzarello, too!  That felt kind of weird, truth be told, kind of like seeing Steve Dillon work without Garth Ennis.)  The reveal in the end, though, is pretty fucking amazing.

HELLBLAZER #298:  Uh . . . remember how I said a while ago that I hoped writer Peter Milligan would kill John Constantine at the end of the series, just to fuck with DC?  Well, I might actually get my wish.  John suddenly feels convinced that he’s going to die within five days, and there is nothing that Epiphany can say to change his mind.  In fact, things start getting weirder until she comes around, and on the fateful day becomes overprotective of him.  But is she careful enough?  Well, I’ll let that last panel speak for itself.  Something tells me that the next two issues are going to be fucked the fuck up.  *sigh*  My third favorite comic has only two issues to go.  Poor Johnny.  He has no idea that he’s not headed for death, but for RAPE.  And maybe death, too.  It’s not the first time he’s died, though.  We’ll see.

LOCKE & KEY:  OMEGA #2:  With the passing of THE BOYS, LOCKE & KEY has been promoted to my favorite ongoing comic . . . just in time for it to end.  With each passing issue, an oft-forgotten side character seems to be becoming more and more important.  Rufus, a mentally handicapped teenager who mostly lives in a fantasy world, is the only one who knows that Bode doesn’t live in his own body anymore, and has been replaced by the murderous psychopath, Dodge.  Sadly, there isn’t much he can do locked away in an institute, so he decides to escape and see if he can save the day.  I can’t believe there are only five more issues to go.

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