Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Jason Howard is one of the few people I met at C2E2 for the first time.  I’d loved his work on THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN for Image, and when I saw him in Artists Alley, I jumped at the opportunity to talk with him about the book.

He seemed to really miss working with that character, and he implied that sales weren’t all that great for the book, hence its early demise.  We talked about the Wolf-Man’s appearances in INVINCIBLE, and he always seems to get a kick out of that.  He says he hopes that Kirkman will bring him back to his own book.  I agree.  Even though it’s a superhero book (and I hate superheroes), it’s quirky and fucked up enough for me to enjoy it.  Also, Kirkman is as relentless as ever with these characters, just like he is with INVINCIBLE (another of the few good superhero books) and THE WALKING DEAD.

Just as I was packing up, I saw a poster for SCATTERLANDS, and I nearly slapped my forehead for forgetting about that.  I mentioned the online comic and said it was an amazing concept—one panel a day—but it seems that the story is on hiatus.  It’s too bad.  A hiatus for that kind of format is essentially death.

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