Monday, June 3, 2013


Here’s another guy I’d met before, but the last time had really not been much.  He’s one of those guys who doesn’t like being at conventions.  Like with Straczynski, he wasn’t an asshole.  He was just distant.

This time, I saw him just hanging out with Andrew Pepoy, shooting the shit, and I didn’t want to interrupt.  I hung back and flipped through a book with some of Mahnke’s work in it.  His assistant noticed me and asked if I just had the one book to sign.  I said yes, and he took it from me and slid it in front of Mahnke just as he was finishing up his conversation with Pepoy.

I wondered, how would this guy respond to WILDSTORM PRESENTS, a book that has confused and pleasantly surprised so many people at the convention?  I’ve never seen this guy smile.  Every time I’ve seen him, he’s been rather cold and maybe a bit gruff.  Would this be the book that breaks him?

He barely looked at it.  He broke out a silver Sharpie, signed, and slid it back to his assistant, who gave it back to me.  Mahnke didn’t even look at me.  When I thanked him, he grunted, nodded, and started looking at his phone.

No!  The WILDSTORM PRESENTS Chronicles ends on this anticlimactic note?!  It can’t be!  Fuck!

Some winters just can’t thaw, I guess . . . .

Here’s the finished cover for WILDSTORM PRESENTS:

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