Monday, June 10, 2013


Here we have an actor from GAME OF THRONES that I’ve actually gotten to see on the show!  (As opposed to Natalie Dormer, that is.)  James Cosmo is excellent on that show as a stern but fair leader.  He takes no shit in any of his roles.  In fact, although I love his work on GAME OF THRONES, I enjoyed his work as Campbell in BRAVEHEART even more.  He is such a violent, cantankerous old bastard in that movie!  I really wish someone would make a movie out of one of Garth Ennis’s war comics and put Cosmo in it as a bastard of a commanding officer.

He didn’t have much of a line waiting for him, so I was able to directly approach the table and shake his hand.  Holy shit, he’s got a giant hand, and a hell of a grip!  It’s not as big as Peter Mayhew’s, which is the biggest hand I’ve ever come in contact with, but it’s one of the biggest.  Top three, definitely.

For all of the intimidating roles he’s ever played, he is incredibly easygoing in real life.  You can usually tell when a celebrity is just trying to be nice, but Cosmo is actually nice.  In fact, he seemed thrilled to meet me, like it was the highlight of his day, and it was completely genuine.

I told him I really enjoyed Jeor Mormont on GAME OF THRONES, but my favorite of his movies was BRAVEHEART.  We talked a bit about Campbell, and he seemed happy to be talking about that role.  He has a hearty laugh and an inviting smile.  He even impressed Fitz, who was with me that day.  Cosmo has an incredible presence, and I hope he comes back next year.

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