Monday, September 1, 2014


I am eternally grateful for today. Why? Not only did I get a day off from work, but I also had the opportunity to do ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING today. At first I wanted to see if I could spend the entire day in bed, but I did have a few unimportant things to do, which drove me from the comfort of my blankets. But still. I did ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING today.

No work. Very little reading. Most of my day was spent in front of the TV absorbing MAVERICK and 21 JUMP STREET (with a break for UNDER THE DOME, which has gotten better for the second season, but I wish they'd stop trying to be LOST).

I feel suddenly recharged. In fact, while wasting my day, I discovered that I finally know how I want to end this Jesus book that has been haunting me ever since I started writing it. Somehow, despite the fact that I did ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING today, I managed to get quite a bit done. Don't ask me to explain my very zen day. But it happened.

I'm always busy, and my thoughts race at a thousand billion miles per second. I had to force myself to do nothing today, and it completely rejuvenated me. Maybe if we spent more time relaxing instead of driving ourselves toward our own personal apocalypse every single day, this world would be a better place.

Did I miss getting my 2K words today? Yeah. In the long run, will it matter? Probably not. The idea horrified me, but the results made me very happy. Happy enough to completely fear tomorrow, which will bring me back to work, writing and all the things I managed to avoid today.

Fuck. Or yay. Either one. Probably both.

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