Tuesday, September 2, 2014


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I'm starting to think Gryphon Books isn't going to update their website with the new issue of HARDBOILED, the one that contains my story, "Daisy, Jeppke, and the Kid." It's the final issue, so I think it wouldn't be so important to market it. I'm sure it will eventually be posted here, but if you want to take the long route (so far, the only route), try getting it the old fashioned way. (Well, it IS an old fashioned publication, so you might get a thrill out of doing it this way.) Contact Gary Lovisi, editor and publisher, at this address:

Gryphon Books
P.O. Box 280-209
Brooklyn, NY 11228-0209

The single issue costs $10 (plus shipping, whatever that might entail), and it's definitely worth it. It has a posthumous story by C.J. Henderson in it. He's mostly known for his horror work, and while this is still a hardboiled story, it also has a healthy dose of horror to it. It's one of the best stories in the magazine. Plus, up-and-comer Thomas Pluck has a great story in there called "Firecracker." Jed Power's "The Man Who Sold Nothing" is a neat little mindfuck of a tale. Justin Swartz's "Jack B. Quick" is a great boxing story. There's a lot to like here. I hope you give it a try.

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