Thursday, September 25, 2014


OK, so maybe the title is misleading. I imagine comic book fans are reading this hoping for a debate about the golden age versus the silver age versus the bronze age. (Hint: if true Comic Book People are involved in this argument, bronze isn't going to win. It will be either of the remaining two.)

I'm actually not here to talk about that. Besides, if you know me well enough, you know my answer to that one. If not, that's a discussion for another day. Instead, I'm here to talk about bags and boards.

When I first read comics as a child, I didn't have much reverence for them. I did put them in bags, but there were no boards. I tended to bundle story arcs into one bag. But I threw them all into comics boxes where they wouldn't support each other.

When I got back into reading comics, I wasn't much better. It took me a while to realize that I might want to protect these things because I will want to read them again someday. After that realization, I bagged and boarded like a pro. Except . . .

We can all agree that places like Mile High Comics are pros, right? Good. We'll get back to that in a second.

I buy my comics from a local shop, but sometimes Diamond stiffs my guy. Sometimes, I have to go to another local shop. And if they don't have it, I have to go to places like Mile High. If I have to do that, they ship my books . . . IN BRONZE BAGS.

Those of you who don't give a shit about comics have stopped reading by now. The rest of you know what I'm talking about. The different ages had different sizes, so you need to get a bag that will fit the age of the comic you bought. I buy almost exclusively bronze, because I don't care much for golden and silver, since those are almost exclusively superhero books, and I don't like superheroes. However, bronze bags are really small. I can't tell you how many of them I ripped trying to get my comics back in them after I read them (because the only time I have bronze bags is when I buy from places like Mile High).

When I get supplies, I always go for silver age bags. They're not too big, and they don't get ripped up if I try to fit a book in there. They also aren't hard to deal with, unlike bronze bags.

I just realized how boring this post is, so I'm going to stop and go to bed. Goodnight, fuckers.

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