Thursday, October 30, 2014


Have you ever noticed something odd about the routine world around you? Something you probably should have noticed years, maybe even decades, ago? Something that was probably there all the time, but you just never noticed it before?

This happened to me several times today. Maybe it was just the way the sun hit these places, but I wonder. Usually, I'm driving around Elmhurst late in the day, but today I was going around in the early to mid-afternoon. I noticed an alley I'd never seen before, despite the fact that I've driven past the area at least every weekday for the past twenty or so years. And I'm not an unobservant guy.

You look at a building that has been there for longer than your grandparents have been alive, and you see something different, something you haven't seen before. A beauty in age, overlooked by most, if not all. It's almost like being the narrator of HPL's "The Music of Erich Zann."

Is it possible for pieces of the world to remain hidden from the perception of most people during certain times of the day? Can you only enter Smaug's mountain on that one dusk of that one day of the year? Maybe. I doubt it, of course, but things look different at different times of the day, at least for those who are willing to watch and wait.

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