Friday, October 3, 2014


Despite the things I said in this post, I really do want you to read my first book, STRIP. I'm not going to try too hard, considering how it's the redheaded stepchild of the publisher, for whatever reason. But it is a fun read. Most of you know me from my horror work, and this is a crime novel. It's hyper-sexed and ultra-violent, like most of my work, but it is a crime book. If you're feeling kind of weird about giving a crime novel a try, why not read the first five chapters for free? Go here, and click on the LOOK INSIDE arrow, and you'll get the first five chapters (plus a few pages of the sixth chapter) for free. There isn't a lot of action this early in the book, but you get to meet the characters, and you get to see the seeds of the plot being sown. I think if you check it out, you'll be interested in finding out more. For a mere $5.99, you can read the rest of it. (Plus, you'll get to see the adult content warning that I talk so much about.) It's got a five-star rating, so it's got to be good, right? If you buy it, be sure to leave me a review to let me know what you think. Thanks, as always, for your time.

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