Thursday, October 30, 2014


Tomorrow night, I'm going to a party. I'm not entirely sure if they would want me to specifically name their party, so I won't. Twitter people probably won't know, but Facebook people will have an 80% certainty rate. So I'll keep my mouth shut for now, unless they give me permission later.

However, they throw the best parties ever. When I was younger and living a block away from Jay, who was interviewed for issue 2 of TABARD INN, things were different. He threw the best parties (made better by the fact that I could walk home after, instead of driving). Now, as an adult past the age of 30, someone else throws better parties. This husband/wife team also tends to have prizes for various things.

The last party at their place? I won a Tuggie. You probably don't know what that is. Here is a picture of me wearing one of them (if you can see past my awful gut):

It's not as warm as the advertising on the box says, but it looks pretty cool.

I will never win something as awesome as this at any party, even one of theirs. But there are prizes for this Halloween party tomorrow. I don't expect to win one, although it would be cool. However, I think getting drunk and passing out at their party will be reward enough.

If you're attending this party, I'll see you there. And I'll try to keep my pants on, but I don't make any promises. Goodnight, lovelies.

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