Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I know this title will throw a lot of you off, because most of the people I know think nothing is more important than voting in America. Well . . . sorry, but there are more important things. Voting is a charade, not just for the Presidential election, which is outlined here, but also because, well, it doesn't matter who wins, does it? Democrat or Republican--and those are the ONLY TWO CHOICES--are run by the same corporations who REALLY control this company, er, I mean, country.

If I had my choice, I would have voted for Chad Grimm. I agree with him on all things except for ONE issue: he wants to dissolve government pensions, and I think that's bullshit. But! No one actually has a choice, because there are only two choices: R or D. And those aren't choices at all, because both are controlled by outside forces.

Nothing short of watering the Tree of Liberty with blood will change that. We're stuck with this system until it collapses, and it will. We won't be alive to see it, but our grandchildren will.

My solution? Dissolving the very idea of corporations. They served their purpose years ago, but now they're draining our society like vampires. Of course, if we outlawed this concept, they'd only move to another country, which would decimate our population. To be fair, fuck it. Let corporations be the rest of the world's problem. Maybe we could use a good decimation to remind our upper class of what it's like to actually earn money. Those of us with physical skills will make out fine. Those whose parents wiped their baby asses with hundred dollar bills will have it rough. I'll certainly be out of a job, but I know enough where I could at least get by as much as I do today.

Regulate the fuck out of banks. They're another societal drain, and the only people who will suffer from their regulation will be the super-to-moderately rich, and fuck them because they ruined this country.

Remember when gas was five cents a gallon? Me, neither. The best I can do is 99-cents a gallon, when I was a kid. But we can achieve this again. We can give the American dollar value once more.

But we won't because we're lost in the us vs. them paradigm. Rauner said a lot about both sides working together, and he was right. But he didn't actually mean any of it. Too bad. If he did, he might actually be able to help us.

I'll go you one step further: eliminate the idea of Democrats and Republicans. Parties shouldn't exist. In a true democracy, we should be given non-partisan choices to chose from. That way, no one is beholden to any given party. They can single out a person who speaks for them and chose him or her on that person's own merits.

Whoops! Didn't mean to get silly there. We don't think very well without a group-think kind of mind.

Here's an uncomfortable idea: I think I was wrong in the past about popular vote. Seeing the world as an older adult, I realize that most of the people in this country are racist, misogynistic, homophobic fucks, and if they have their way, we'll lose at least a century's worth of ground on civil rights. I also know that 90% of everyone is fucking stupid, so we'll get stupid shit 90% of the time.

Sometimes, I wonder if STARSHIP TROOPERS was right: you can only earn the ability to vote by serving in the military. Especially if voters were promised to never pay taxes in such a situation. Except . . . well, that leads to all sorts of brainwashing.

So here's the best I can give you for now: no more corporations (which are Communist anyway, you capitalist fuckers) and no more Democrats and Republicans. That's not going to happen, though, because corporations, Democrats and Republicans have a shit-ton of power and are never going to give it up.

If that's the case, we might as well sell America to the Chinese. Maybe they can whip our shit into shape. I doubt it, but it might be better than the shit we're doing now.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. What's more important than voting? People make a big deal out of voting, which is really just some kind of dog and pony show that means next to nothing. What's better than that kind of bullshit? Convenience. If I thought my vote actually meant something, I'd register. As of now, it doesn't, and I'm not. Let's say that I registered to vote for your bullshit princess party. What would happen to me then? Well, I'd be eligible for jury duty. Fuck jury duty. I'm not willing to trade that bullshit for the facade of choosing a politician to supposedly represent me. Fuck that.

Why would I put myself through the torture of getting out of jury duty just so I can pretend to vote for someone who will pretend to run the state/nation government? That's a losing bet to me. Goodnight, suckers.

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