Sunday, August 7, 2016


I was trying to get out of the parking lot of a strip mall. Stuck at a red light that seemed to go on forever. I glanced to my side and saw a bunch of sparrows hopping around, digging holes in the loose dirt. Some of them had nice berths for themselves, so they relaxed. But the others were using their wings to dig a bit deeper.

And then there was this one asshole. He kept jumping into other sparrows' holes, pecking at them and driving them away so he could see if there was anything cool down there. I saw him do this several times, and I assumed he was the alpha. That birds have alphas. Never thought about that before, but there you go.

Came the time this asshole tried it on the last bird in the flock. This guy fought back. The two of them went at it like two Tasmanian Devils fucking in a sock on a hot summer day. I thought, "Yeah! Don't take shit from him! Get the bastard!"

I didn't find out who won. The light turned green, and I finally escaped from that horrible place. I like to think the alpha got his ass handed to him, though. I don't like alphas. They treat everyone else like shit.

I hope the good guy got to keep his berth.

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