Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Short one tonight, folks. Sorry.

I'd heard a lot of horror stories from friends and even family members about a Chicago commute. When I first started doing this thing I figured it would be par for the course. Now that I'm a month and a week in, I have to say: GOOD WORK CHICAGO.

There are a lot of attractive people on my morning commute (men and women and everyone else), and I'm proud to say that I haven't seen a single incident of catcalling. People told me this kind of thing was out of control. Maybe in other cities, but not here. I have yet to see it, and that makes me proud of Chicago.

I don't say that often. I live in a place where it's pretty common to get shot. I hate the city. Every day I slog my way to the office is a day I despise. I only do it because I like my job, and it pays pretty well. I'm a suburbs kind of guy. I don't walk fast, and I don't lose myself in my phone. I walk slow, and if I pass someone I say hi. The city is everything I stand against.

And yet today I'm proud of you, Chicago. I hope your choice of sports team wins something important. (And you don't decide to riot in the streets if that happens. Just take it decently and not roll over anyone's car. Please and thank you.)

Of course I probably just jinxed myself, so . . . goodnight.

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