Monday, August 15, 2016


I couldn't believe the news. THE NIGHTLY SHOW was canceled today?! That's insane. Granted, the show is still kinda new in the grand scheme of things, but think about it this way. Imagine Comedy Central canceling THE DAILY SHOW. Or NBC canceling THE TONIGHT SHOW. Or CBS canceling 60 MINUTES.

THE NIGHTLY SHOW is one of those shows that should have been around forever. It certainly gave that impression. Maybe it wouldn't continue with Larry Wilmore. Maybe he'd stick with it for 10 years and then pass the torch to someone else.

I think the thing that burns my ass the most is that the Unblackening won't be seen to its conclusion.

I don't understand. The official reason is that the show didn't connect with an audience, but I can't believe that. Just about everyone I know watched the show and loved it. It's a funny fucking show. Maybe uncomfortable for a certain demographic group, but let's face it. This show brought us a different, scathingly smart voice.

I hope THE DAILY SHOW brings all of those great THE NIGHTLY SHOW performers into their fold. Can we at least get the conclusion of the Unblackening?

I'm going to miss this show. So are a lot of other people.

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