Monday, October 3, 2022


This is my first night without my regular IOP meeting. I kind of miss it, yeah, and I certainly miss the people who attended with me, but I have to do a lot of stuff I put on hold, more or less, so I could do IOP. I got to meditate gtoday for a full session, which was very nice. I went pretty deep, too. I'm very relaxed as I write this now.

More importantly I got a shit-ton of writing done, and it has been a long time since I did that. It felt very good to feel the words flowing out of me at full force instead of the tiny gasps stolen from a couple of minutes here or there.

I'm actually pretty surprised at how good I feel now even though my world continues to crash around me. I still have to worry about my car, which may or may not be totaled. And there is the looming prospect of homelessness. And a bunch of other stuff that I'd rather not talk about right now.

At long last I had a great deal of time to myself with very few tasks at hand. And it felt really fucking good.

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