Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Success! Day 1 worked out exactly as I thought it would. No cheating. No fast food. I had the energy drink like I thought I would, and I didn't desire more. (Plus, despite that can of Monster, my pm blood sugar reading came out at a pleasant 98, which probably shouldn't have happened. But it did. Indeed.)

But my work is far from done. Yes sir, I always start out strong. Day 1 is always a winner. Day 2? It could go either way. Day 3 will be the day I figure out if I'm going to fail this time. If I make it to Day 4--which is the day I'm allowing my bad habits to rear their ugly heads--that will be interesting.

One thing, though: I was planning on going out for a walk tonight. I guess that monstrous rainstorm fucked me on that, eh?

I promise to not write another GF as boring as this one. Not even I'm paying attention anymore, and I'm writing this fucking thing. It's just that I didn't have anything else to talk about this time, and I don't want to skip a day if I don't absolutely have to. This thing is more of a writing exercise than anything else, I suppose. Although if some of these posts bring relief from boredom to someone, then that's cool, too.

This one didn't do that, though. I can feel it in my balls.

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