Saturday, August 2, 2014


I've noticed a lot of people posting fearful comments about the Ebola patients being flown to America, and I totally understand that. The most basic human need is survival. Everything else takes a back seat. And it's OK to talk about it. Of course it's OK.

But I also noticed a lot of people who expressed a great deal of anger about these patients. I want to talk about the ones who are bordering on homicidal, in addition to the ones who are heartlessly trying to keep these patients out of our country. They're the ones who bug me. I get fear, but I don't get it to the point of irrational hatred.

Because no matter how scared we are, these patients are a million times more scared.

That's the key to understanding these poor fuckers. Their days are numbered, and the number is not very big. OK, there's no cure for Ebola, and for a disease so pants-shittingly terrifying, that's even more scary. But if these people have a chance of surviving, well, it's here. Maybe we don't have a perfect healthcare record, but we have the best resources. If anyone can find a cure, it's us. If we turn them away, we're heartless scumfuckers.

Besides, who do you think is handling transportation? A bunch of fuckwits? Everyone knows the stakes, and none but the best professionals are in charge of this. An overwhelming majority of people in our country do not want Ebola getting introduced to our general population. Relax. We have professionals on the case. Ease back and let them do their job.

My first reaction when I heard the Ebola patients were coming here? Fear. Of course. It's 100% natural. I read THE HOT ZONE, after all. But we can't turn them away. They need our help.

And if we don't give it, we're not worth the flesh we're printed on.

PS: They're Americans who caught Ebola in a foreign land. Put yourselves in their shoes. Would you want to die in a strange land surrounded by strangers? Chances are, they're not going to make it. Their insides will be liquid shit by the time the sun rises. But at least give them the dignity to die at home.

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