Monday, July 21, 2014


On my way home from work, I saw a van with those stupid stick figures on the back window. You know the kind. They're supposed to symbolize who is in their family.

Except this one had a spot missing where the father should be.

That's got to be awkward. What does one do in such situations? You can't just leave it, but when you remove one, it's very conspicuous. Not only that, but I have to wonder what happened with Dad. Did he cheat on his wife and that's why he's been removed? Or did he die? What would you do if your kid died, and you had to do something with the stick figure of him or her on the back of your van?

However . . . well, there is one other possibility. Next to the stick figures was the Spider-Man emblem. Is it possible that Dad is Spider-Man?

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