Friday, July 11, 2014


In case you don't stay up late enough, I'd like to mention that I've been doing a nightly blog the very instant before I go to bed. So here's a recap of the week for the early birds (who probably did not get this particular worm).

1. WRITING AND CUMMING: In which I discuss doing both at the same time.

2. WHAT WOULD BRUCE WILLIS DO? In which I fantasize about fighting terrorists at the office.

3. SAVING THE WORLD: Why I watch TYRANT, and why I leave the world the fuck alone.

4. THE MONSTER IN THE SEWERS: My childhood memories of the the monster in the sewers of Elmhurst.

5. I AM AN UTTER BASTARD: Proof that my friends shouldn't trust me to regulate their booze intake.

Stay tuned every night. I usually post around midnight. Haven't missed a night yet. Also, you should check out the blogs that inspired me to do this: Warren Ellis and Brian Keene.

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