Friday, July 18, 2014

GOODNIGHT, FUCKERS recap 7-18-14

My new nightly blog has been doing pretty well so far. I'm getting a decent readership. For those of you who don't stay up as late as I do, here's this week's recap:

6. Nights of Yore. In which I reminisce about the adventures I used to get into while walking in Elmhurst after midnight.

7. My Taste in Music. In which I sing the praises of Weird Al, one of the only musicians I listened to when I was a kid whom I like better now.

8. One Week and Going Strong. In which I take a look back over the first week of Goodnight, Fuckers.

9. I Feel Like a Fraud Sometimes. In which I take myself to task for being a lazy writer a week after I was sick.

10. Cross. In which I fantasize about buying a Cross fountain pen.

11. Crossed. In which I lament some of the lazy writing in non-Ennis, non-Lapham, non-Spurrier CROSSED writers.

12. Fuck Fast Food. In which I shout at myself for not being able to quit my lifelong fast food addiction.

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