Sunday, July 27, 2014


Before I continue with this one, I want to make it perfectly clear: I used to work in a library. In fact, I worked at one for almost 10 years. I know a lot of things about how libraries are run, but there's one thing I just don't get.

The three-day grace period.

Why three days? I tried to look it up, but no one ever talks about the library grace period. It's always about credit card payments and storage and other shit.

The only thing I can think of is this: Jesus was dead for three days. Could I possibly be right? What if Jesus had been dead longer?

What if . . . what if he didn't get to return his overdue scrolls when he came back? He was too busy with St. Peter over the whole denying-me-three-times thing. Ascension is a very time-consuming thing.

I hope he does come back soon. I'd be cool with a 2,000-year grace period.

What?! Having to pay overdue fines sucks. *sigh* All right, I'm going to bed. Goodnight, fuckers.

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